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 Cosac's Kassadin Build

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Cosac's Kassadin Build Empty
PostSubject: Cosac's Kassadin Build   Cosac's Kassadin Build I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 31, 2012 2:28 am

This is my build for kassadin

My Main Build;
Spells: Clarity and Teleport (for side lanes), or Ignite (Mid)

Other good spells include flash, exaust and heal

-Quints of Potency
-Marks of Insight
-Seals of Clarity
-Glyphs of Force

1. Boots of Speed + 3 Health Pots
2. Rod of ages or 2 Doran's Ring (if doing really really bad) (Its better to pick up Rod of ages Before the 18 min mark so it stacks)
3. Sorceror's Shoes
4. Rabadon's Deathcap
(If cant afford Needlessly large Rod quickly, DON'T SAVE UP FOR IT, Get a few Blasting wands. you need the AP output)
5. Void Staff or Banshee's Veil (Bad)
6. The one from number 5 you didnt get


Null Sphere
Force Pulse
Null Sphere
Force Pulse
Null Sphere
Nether Blade
(Choice Rank up Null Sphere (Silencing) from here or Force Pulse (more damage)(Do both before Nether Blade)
Finish Rift Walk and end with Nether Blade(last)
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Cosac's Kassadin Build
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